Potassium Hydrogen Persulfate Compound for Livestock and Poultry Farms

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Through chain reaction in water, the products produces hypochlorous acid and nascent oxygen, oxidates and chlorinates pathogens, and disturbs DNA and RNA synthesis of pathogens, causing the denaturation and solidification of pathogen protein, hence disturbing the activity of pathogen enzyme system, affecting its metabolism, increasing membrane permeability, to cause the loss of enzyme and nutrition. As a result, pathogens are dissolved and ruptured. The organic acid and low-PH environment work together to kill pathogens.


Product Feature

This product has been registered in multiple countries and regions in Europe and Asia and has been used extensively because of its favorable price performance ratio. It has powerful killing effect on all viruses, bacteria, and its bacillus, mycoplasma, fungi, and coccidia oocysts infecting people and animals. It is especially effective in killing foot and mouth disease virus, ring virus, coronal virus, flu virus (such as avian influenza), herpes virus, adeno virus, respiratory syncytial virus, intestinal virus, hepatitis A virus, oral herpes virus, epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus, vibrio parahaemolyticus, fungi, mold, and escherichia coli.

Broad spectrum, instant effect: In proper proportion, the product effectively kills virus, bacteria and its bacillus, mycoplasma, fungi, and coccidia oocysts within 5-10 minutes.

Permeability: The product has favorable permeability in hard water and under low temperature conditions and can permeate into the interior of many materials (such as lumber) and kill the bacteria inside the materials. 

Super-stability and lasting effect: Insusceptible to the influence of temperature, organics, water quality, or PH value.

Convenience: Easy to transport or store, easily soluble in warm water, easy to prepare solution with precision

Safety: At the proper usage thickness, the product is non-corrosive and non-irritant to the skin or the respiratory tract, safe to man and animals. It does not leave any mark on objects and does not harm machinery or fiber. It can be used for animal disinfection, human disinfection, hand disinfection, clothes and equipment soaking, with no occupational exposure restrictions, no side effects, and no irritation.

Environmental friendliness: Easy to decompose, no pollution to the environment or water

Extensive effects, multiple usages: One-time cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization for places with the presence of pathogens


Application Scope

This product can be extensively used in livestock and poultry farms, animal farms, disaster-struck (including diseases and natural disasters) environments, vet operation rooms, food processing factories, including soaking and spraying disinfection for livestock and poultry surface and stables;  disinfection for the air and drinking water;  aquatic water disinfection for fish and shrimp, prevention and treatment of fish and shrimp viruses and bacteria;  environmental control disinfection;  pipeline disinfection, equipment and utensils sterilization, cleansing, and clothes washing;  personal sanitation;  disinfection at animal hospitals;  disinfection for transport, food processing equipment, and public places.



Environment, drinking equipment, and air disinfection: 1:200—400;  terminal disinfection, equipment disinfection, hatchery disinfection, and foot basin disinfection: 1: 200; drinking water disinfection: 1:1000—2000; livestock and poultry surface disinfection: 1:1000—1500;

Aquatic water disinfection: 250~500g per mu*m water (666.67 m3); pond clearing: 500g per mu*m water (666.67 m3).


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