Silver activated hydrogen peroxide 【Liquid】

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Components :

     Main composed of hydrogen peroxide ( 24 ~32%) and active silver  ( 0.025~0.030%).



     General disinfection of water systems,equipments and surfaces in industrial,domestic and public areas.


Instructions for use:Dilute pruduct to suitable concentration with water.

    Equipments:Dip equipments with 0.5% ~2% diluted solution for minimum 5 minutes

    Surfaces:  Pour or spray 0.2%~2% diluted solution over the surfaces and let dry or wipe minimum 10     minutes later.

    Spraying:  Spray 0.2%~2% diluted solution over surfaces or air 1 time per day.



    1.Harmful if swallowed.Keep it out of the reach of children.

    2.Irritating to eyes and skin.If contacted,rinse with plenty water immediately.Seek medical advice if accident or feel unwell.

    3.Corrosive to copper.

    4.Storage in shade and dry areas.

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