Silver activated hydrogen peroxide 【Liquid】

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Povidone-iodine Solution

Main Ingredients:Povidone-iodine, synergists, etc.

Appearance:The product is a kind of red-brown liquid.

Function:Disinfectant and antiseptic medcine. Used for disinfection of livestock stables, drinking water, farming water, environment, equipment, surgical site, skin, mucous membranes, eggs, etc. Also disinfection with livestock.

Usage and dosage:

Drinking water disinfection:

Prevention disease:dilute 3000 times  

Disease epidemic period: dilute 2500 times 

Disinfection with livestock:dilute 1000 times

Environment and equipment disinfection:dilute 1000 times

Eggs disinfection:dilute 1000 times

Soak cow nipples:dilute 5 to 10 times (dip the diluted product into a cup, cover the entire surface of the nipple, and the depth is at least 2 / 3 of breast) .

Wash mucous membrane and wound: dilute 50 times.


Cautions:1.Do not use with basic medicines.

         2.The original liquid has strong fuction.If hand and skin contact original liquid, rinse with water immediately.

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