Potassium Peroxymonosulfate Compound

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Potassium Peroxymonosulfate Compound


Main Component and Chemical Name Potassium Monopersulfate Compound ( KMPS or KMPS, Molecular formula: 2KHSO5•KHSO4•K2SO4, NaCl(Ⅰ without NaClⅡ with a little), organic acid, surfactant etc. All the compound ingredients are food grade.


CharacterPowder in White or Slightly pink colour, nearly odorless or with lightly lemon favour.


Physical Properties and Chemical Properties

Invariability: 20 after 26 weeks, the active oxygen only decreases 0.021;

37 after 26 weeks, the acting force only decreases 0.014; the effect is not influenced under the force of organic matter or hard water.

Solubility: diffluent in lightly warm water to clear non-color or light red solution;

Biological Degradability: mainly with inorganic salt, the surfactant within the formulation is of easy degradability.

PH Value: 1% solution --- PH Value is around 2.6 -4.5.


TheoryAfter Chain reaction in the water, KMPS produces the nascent oxygen continuously and sustains while at the same time, KMPS oxidizes the minim chloride ion to yield hypochlorous acid, oxidizes and chloridizes the pathogen. KMPS can interfere the synthesis of pathogen DNA and RNA to solidify the denaturalisation of pathogen protein.

Furthermore, KMPS interferes the systematic activity of pathogen enzyme and affects its metabolism, increase the permeability of the epicyte, as a result, the enzyme and nutrient substance will lose; the pathogen will dissolve into burst; and the pathogen will then be killed. Organic acid and low PH value environment will assist in killing the pathogen. KMPS has powerful killing function upon all infectious virus to human being and animal, germ, spore,mycoplasma, epiphyte and coccidium oocyst, especially on aphtho virus, doughnut-shaped viruscorona virus, herpes virus,adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus,enterovirus, hepatopathy virus, herpes of mouth virus, epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus.



Ø                    Widely use as effective disinfector: to virus, germ and its spore, mycoplasma,epiphyte and coccidium oocyst;

Ø                    Excellent and safe watercraft disinfector.

Ø                    High speed: 1% solution—--5mins-10mins-kill all germ and epiphyte,

                               10mins- kill all viruses;

Ø                    High active: 1:800 kill Bird Flu H5N1 virus;        

                    1:1400 kill aphthovirus;

                    1:500 kill swine fever virus;

                    1:200 kill doughnut-shaped virus

              1:250 dill bursal viruses;

                    1:200 kill corona virus.

Ø                    High stability: impregnability under temperature, organic matter, water quality and PH value.

Ø                    Highly safety: no corrosive and nonirritant to skin, mouth, eye; cause no cicatrices to the waref; unharmful to the apparatus and fiber, absolute safe to the human being and animal.

Ø                    Green and health: decomposable, unpolluted to environment and water resource;

Ø                    Applications variety: one step for cleaning, sterilization, disinfection; apply for environmental control, sterilization of apparatus, stain cleaning off, cleanness of garment, personal hygiene, animal periphery, disinfection of air and drinking water, further to the fish and shrimp and prevention and cure of germ disease.



Function and TreatmentDisinfector widely in the animal body surface and their stalls; in the air and drinking water; used in prevention and cure the germs occurred to fish, shrimp body surface; used in disinfecting traffic tools, food processing tools, public environment, etc.


Diluted Times

Effect Timemin

Killing rate%

colon bacillus(8099)




Golden StaphylococcusATCC 6538




Hay bacillus SporeATCC 9372




Bird Flu VirusH5N1








Swine fever virus




doughnut-shaped virus




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