Albendazole Bolus 【300mg; 600mg; 2500mg】

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Albendazole Bolus is a unique broad spectrum anthelmintic for control of multiple helminth infestation, viz nematodes, cestodes and trematodes.


A broad spectrum anthelmintic for treatment of gastrointestinal infestation of ringworms, lungworms, tapeworms, liver flukes and amphistomes. Albendazole has also an ovicidal effect.


For roundworms / tapeworms

Cattle / buffalo / horse / sheep / goat: 5mg/kg bodyweight

Dog / cat: 10 to 25mg/kg bodyweight

For flukes

Cattle/buffalo: 10mg/kg bodyweight

Sheep/goat: 7.5mg/kg bodyweight

Multiple dosing at 2-3 weeks interval enhances flukicidal activity of albendazole against flukes in cattle and sheep. Periodic deworming (once in 3-4 months) in all species of domestic and zoo animals with albendazole is advocated for successful anthelmintic effect.


Blister or plastic bottle