Albendazole Oral Suspension 【2.5%; 10%; 500ml, 1000ml】

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Albendazole Oral Suspension, Each millimeter of suspension contains 25mg albendazole


For treatment and prevention of infestations with helminthes susceptible to albendazole in sheep, goats and cattle.


A total spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment and control of all stages of G.L. roundworms, lungworms, tapeworms(head and segment) and flukes in animals


Store in cool place protected from light.


1) Do not under dose

2) Do not treat animals during first month of pregnancy

Withdrawal time:

1) Meat: 15 days before slaughter

2) Milk: 5 days before consumption


1) For treatment gastro intestinal worms, lung worms, tape worms

2) Sheep and goat: 6ml each 30kg body weight

3) Cattle: 30ml each 100kg body weight

4) For treatment liver flukes

5) Sheep and goat: 9ml each 30kg body weight

6) Cattle: 60ml each 100kg body weight

Validation Period:

2 years


Stored in tightly cool, dry and dark place