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Content:  100ml/20g


It is a colloidal solution of complex of dextran and iron possessed deep brown color.


Severe iron-deficient anemia, clinically commonly used for treat the piglet's iron-deficient anemia.

Usage and Dosage:         

  After  born 3-4 day deeply intramuscular injection for piglet, each piglet 0.25 milliliter, the dose for other domestic animals, use one's judgment.


1) When the serious impairment of hepatorenal function shouldn't be use

2) Intramuscular injection may cause the partial ache, to be supposed the deeply intramuscularly

3) To have to refrigerate, the long time sets may have the precipitation

4) The injection excessively is extremely easy with the iron tonic to be poisoned, therefore should strictly control the dosage   


Store in a cool and dry place protecting from light.

Period of Validity: 2 years     


2-10ml/ampoule, 30-100 ampoules/bottle
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