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Xylanese, mannase, amylase, β-glucanese,cellulase, acid protease, α-galactosidase, pectase, etc.



    COMPOUND ENZYME degardates the anti-nutritional Factors(ANFS) within the cellulose and xylan,reducing the viscosity of chyme and diarrhoea..
    COMPOUND ENZYME destroys the construction of the cellwall, promote the release of the nutrition materials, and improve the use ratio for the nutritions in the feed.
    COMPOUND ENZYME improves the activity of endogenous enzyme and the digestion and absorptions of the feed nutritions.
    COMPOUND ENZYMErestrains the growth of harmful microorganisms; increasing the quantity of useful microorganisms, keeping the banalnce of the intestinal microorganisms for the animals.
    COMPOUND ENZYME improves the immunologic functions and disease-resisitant ability.
    COMPOUND ENZYME reduces and avoiding the compensatory hyperplasia and hypertrophy for the digestive organs, reducing the maintenance needs for the animal energy, and improving the energy valence for the feed..
    COMPOUND ENZYME expands the using category for the feed formula, fully using unconventional feed resources, such as coproducts, and reduce the cost for the formula.



100gram added into 1 ton feed directly, feed enzymes, mixing uniformity



1kg, 5kg, 25kg per bag, or according to customer’s requirement.



Keep away from the high temperature and sunshine, under cool, dry conditionsmes