Potassium Hydrogen Persulfate Compound for Aquatic products

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Product Characters: White, light red, or light purple powder, almost scentless or with slight lemon flavor



After dissolution, produces a variety of high-energy, high-activity derivants such as small molecule radicals and reactive oxygen, oxydates the chloridion in seawater, and kills harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses through chain reaction.



Effects and Usage:

1. Pond cleaning, impounding reservoir sterilization, disinfection, and detoxification

2. Can kill and prevent the growth and propagation of multiple types of harmful microbes (especially vibrios, fungi, and mold) under proper dosage

Application Scope: Applicable throughout the whole process of aquatic livestock breeding in seawater and fresh water.



1.    When used in fresh water apply every 500g of this product with 100g common salt for better effect.

2.    After dissolution in water, spray this product throughout the pond. Can be dissolved in tartaric acid or citric acid for better effect

3.    Preventative daily use: 200~300g/mu*m; sterilization disinfection: 400~500g/mu*m. Take heed to supplement oxygen in water as this product kills algae.

Notes: Avoid mixture with alkaline sterilizer. You may apply viable organisms in 12h after applying this product. Inflation of bag is normal and does not affect the product effect.


Storage: Stored in dry, cool, well-ventilated and sealed conditions


Shelf Life: 3 years

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